I have been advised by the Chief Officer, Waste Management of the following update:

“Saturday 23rd March 2013 Refuse Service report

Firstly an update from yesterday. Crews collected as much as possible, often revisiting affected areas to attempt access, wheeling out where possible. As such 88% of the service completed.

Snow fall continues to be major issue for safe working. As a result on present weather conditions we have had no alternative other than to  suspend today’s Refuse Service Delivery.Approx 650 operational hours have been lost due to the current weather.

Assessments are presently been made in the hope we can deploy   2 Refuse Vehicles safely  to service multi occupancy outlets only ( blocks of flats )


Recovery plan is in place for Sort ( Green Recycling Bins ) to be collected Monday 25th weather permitting.

Residual ( Black Waste Bins ) will not be recovered until the next Saturday whereby all uncollected waste will be cleared.

Further updates will be submitted as quickly as possible to enable any response you may give on behalf of the department.

The message to residents remains to return black bins and brown bins to their property and put out for the next scheduled collection. If black bins haven’t been collected due to the weather, a reasonable number of bags will be picked up if put out with bins on their next normal collection day.

The recovery plan is to stand down the garden waste collection service, using this resource to prioritise the recovery of all recycling and food waste collections, missed yesterday and today. This plan remains dynamic and will be reassessed in line with the prevailing weather.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.