I was really pleased to hear that recnelty published figures on the “Wrap Up Leeds” scheme showed Adel & Wharfedale had one of the highest  take-up rates across the city, pro rata to customers contacted.

The free insulation scheme, awarded as a turnkey contract to Yorkshire Energy Services (YES), was launched in January 2012, and was open to all private sector households.  Its aim was to reduce fuel poverty, reduce CO2 emissions and create local jobs.  It has been hailed a success by Leeds City Council, having insulated more homes than originally agreed, at less cost.

I have supported this scheme from the outset, and have striven hard to publicise its benefits to my constituents.  The high take up in this Ward, suggests that all the effort put in has been rewarded. 

Not many things in life are free, but this scheme proved an exception.  Overall the work undertaken has been to a high standard, and the anticipated reduction in fuel bills will be very welcome in the current financial climate and will put money back into the pockets of those who need it most.

I would add one caveat.  Whilst applauding the overall success of the scheme, there are lessons to be learned.  If we break down the figures by area, it is clear that those wards worst affected by fuel poverty have the lowest take-up rate pro rata to contact made.  If we are truly serious about eradicating fuel poverty, and making best use of council resources, we need to make greater progress in these areas of the city.