I have been sent this by Highways. Are you aware of any seats that are currently located in your area, if yes can you advise me of the location so that I can update the Council’s records? For clarification the definition of wayside seats is: “Wayside seats are seats or benches placed on the highway for the amenity of the public. Most have been in existence for many years and new ones are still being added. “

“Dear Councillor

The issue of the maintenance of wayside seats (seats on the highway) has been discussed by the Outer North West Environmental Sub-Group. As a first step to looking at the number of seats that exist in the Outer north west area the Committee have agreed to us asking yourselves (the local Ward members) to inform us of any seats that you are aware of within your Ward.

I appreciate that you may not be able to complete all the details for each site on the attached spread sheet, however, any information that you are able to provide would be welcomed, including if you know of any in particular that are in need of repair.  I have included an example from Harewood Ward and a seat on Birdcage Walk, Otley, which has recently being brought to my attention, as a guide.

Once we have all of the information we will create a map of the seats in the area and identify when and how these seats can either be properly maintained or if they are not needed, removed.

To allow us to process any information gained and fill in any gaps (Grid references etc) and report back to the next Sub-Group meeting on the 17th June, could you please let me have any information you have managed to collect by noon on Friday the 7th June.”