I received the following information from our local Chief Superintendant at Weetwood Police Station:

The Chief Constable, Mark Gilmore,  has this week announced his new strategy for improving performance and delivering the change necessary to ensure West Yorkshire Police can meet its obligations in relation to budget reductions over the next few years.

As you will you know, West Yorkshire Police is currently structured into 8 territorial Divisions, 5 of which being co terminus with regards Local Authority boundaries. In consultation with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns Williamson, and the WYP senior leadership team it is felt that the 3 Leeds Division structure is no longer viable in the future. A similar view has been taken of existing structures in Bradford where we currently police out of 2 Divisions.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money from City and Holbeck Division has been asked by the Chief Constable to lead on developing a new operating model for Leeds that will, in effect, mean the creation of a single Leeds Division which will actually be larger than a number of Police Forces in other parts of the country. At the corner stone of the new arrangements will be neighbourhood management units building on the existing neighbourhood policing areas in Leeds.

I have been asked to oversee operational policing across Leeds. I will still be based in the division, and available to you, Superintendent Mick Hunter will continue with day to day policing in North West Leeds.

¬†There are obviously a great number of complexities¬† to be cognisant of and the ‘Programme of Change’ also presents some genuine opportunities to improve policing for the public in West Yorkshire.

David Oldroyd, Chief Superintendent, North West Leeds Division