Residents have been raising the issue of flooding and drainage concerns over this potential development site. 

I took this issue up with Network Rail  to ask if they have any potential concerns. Set out below are two responses I have received: 

Response 1 

We do have current concerns about flooding risk to the track from Moseley Wood beck, Moseley Wood beck responds very quickly to run-off from the existing catchment and development of the existing catchment could lead to further risk of flooding to track/station area.

There are a number of issues with incoming flows from the existing land into the existing track drainage at times of heavy rainfall, and this then affects the length of track from Horsforth station to the Bramhope tunnel.

 Recent new works to the drainage system for the construction of the new Horsforth Turnback scheme has now been completed and whilst this should ease a previous flooding issues, I believe that there may still be a residual risk to the operation of the trains during very heavy rainfall events from Moseley Wood Beck.

Response 2

Dear Cllr Anderson,

I understand that the application/enquiry is part of a UDP review of site 1199 Moseley Bottom, Cookridge.

NetworkRail currently monitor the water level of Moseley Wood Beck at bridge No24 during times of high flows within the watercourse, to ensure and manage the safe passage of trains through the line from Horsforth onto Bramhope.

Currently the monitored water levels dictate if trains can pass at normal speed, reduced speed or are stopped.

There are a number of documented incidents of train delays and flooding to the station as a result of high flows within Moseley Wood Beck.

The potential further introduction of rapid run-off from housing into Moseley Wood Beck upstream of Bridge No24 may increase the number of incidents of flooding to the track and station and lead to further delays to trains and to potential longer term damage to the bridge structure.

I trust that this information is of benefit.