I am pleased to report that a very exciting development opportunity that will transform the Holt Park area is to be discussed at the Council’s Executive Board on Wednesday 17th July. 

Along with the recent investment in the new Ralph Thoresby High School and the new Wellbeing Centre plans are being discussed to transform the rest of the Holt Park area into a very vibrant and community focused area. If the plans get the go ahead we will see investment in housing for older people, investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and reinvigoration of the whole of the current Holt Park site including revamping some existing buildings. We were very lucky to have the new Wellbeing Centre and the new school but the buildings that have been left behind and the derelict site left by the school is to be used for more up to date and much needed facilities for the whole community. It will be a breath of fresh air for the area which is much needed. 

I have been kept advised throughout the formative discussion process by the Council officers and I am very much looking forward to discussing these plans with residents in the area who I am sure will welcome most, if not all of the facilities to be built, for all age groups. These are the very early stages and residents will have the chance to suggest changes and discuss any issues they have with any proposed plans. As with all planning proposals there are a lot more stages to go through and much more detail to come forward but we will work together to achieve what is best for the area. With the opening of the new Wellbeing Centre in October this will be the start of a very exciting period of change.

One of the concerns I have about the proposals is the inclusion of the Next Generation Transport project (NGT) which I remain to be convinced will deliver the benefits that Council officers feel will accrue. A number of residents in the area are concerned at these proposals and I hope they do not overshadow the other initiatives that will form the basis of the consultation.