Parking policies are an ‘attack on the motorist’

The Council’s plans to charge for city centre parking and introduce fees for residents’ parking permits across Leeds are ill-thought out policies that should be scrapped immediately.

They are an ‘attack’ on car owners, and will affect businesses in the city centre, and penalise residents who want to park outside their own properties.

The proposed schemes were discussed at a meeting of the Council’s Executive Board last month and I am truly dismayed by the Council’s plans to charge for residents’ parking permits and parking in the city centre at nights and on Sundays.

The city centre charges will hit businesses and the night time economy hard – and the evidence is clear: the people of Leeds don’t want these charges. Yet the Council seems to be ignoring its own consultation exercise and is determined to press ahead with the plans.

I also have very real concerns about the viability of the residents’ parking proposals. Apart from being unfair for residents who use these permits, there are questions to answer about the cost of administering this new fee system as set against the cost of collecting the fees.

It seems to me that this Council is penalising motorists wherever they go. It’s clear that these policies are a mess and the Council really must think again before moving any further down this road.