Website confusion over potential development sites consultation

I have taken the Council to task regarding the ‘inadequate’ consultation on housing site allocations across the city.

The consultation, which runs until 29th July at 5pm has frustrated residents due to the ‘confusing’ nature of the website.

I am hearing a lot of feedback from residents that the online information and consultation response forms are confusing, cumbersome and difficult to use. Many people are simply giving up and not submitting their responses as a result, which is a terrible indictment of the whole process.

I also think the way that some of the sites have been placed in more than one Housing Market Characteristic Area hasn’t helped matters: people are sometimes not recognising the sites, and that means they aren’t responding at all.

It’s concerning that on one of the most important issues affecting this city over the next 15 years, the Council has failed to make the consultation process straightforward. Some people may be left without a chance to make their views known and this risks undermining the legitimacy of the plans.