To answer some questions raised by residents and also to provide updates, I have received the following:

Gypsy Traveller Services Manager

Wades Charity Trust lease their land to LCC, this is all covered within our court application.

The Police- Update 1

The police have been asked today why they have not used Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (power of the Police to direct persons to leave land and remove vehicles in circumstances where there are more than 6 vehicles on land or persons are causing damage/disruption) which states (for the legally minded amongst you)


So far I have not received their reply.

The Police – Update 2

“I am informed that Leeds Met have managed to get a court hearing on Thursday morning and LCC one on Friday morning. Hopefully the injunctions should be served by late Thursday/Friday morning.

Positively, and I am sure people will be worried, we have not seen any increase in crime and disorder in the area with this group. We have had the quietest weekend we have had for some time this weekend, in terms of crime, despite it being a busy time of the year and very hot, which has the effect of driving crime upwards.”