Due to my continuing concern and the fact that I am getting more and more concerned about a number of issues in respect of the travellers on Bedquilts I sent this to the Council, the Police and Leeds Met University at midnight last night:

“I am receiving more and more contact from residents about the number of vans etc. and caravans that are arriving on all parts of Bedquilts now. Can someone advise me why we are still allowing the free movement of vehicles on and off Bedquilts.

Why can we not stop vans and caravans arriving on the site and are we sure that the Council and Leeds Met University are going to be able to get the site totally cleared by Friday.

From a police perspective do we know yet if Chief Superintendent David Oldroyd has authorised the use of Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994?”

I have received two updates today so far:

 1. From Leeds Met University

“We have been checking the site each day, the number of caravans has not increased, but the number of vehicles they have with them, when we checked this morning increased.  In terms of movement we have monitored the site since last Friday and on the advice of the police who attended last Friday it was felt that locking the gate would not stop access as there is a gap at the side of the changing rooms and they can get down this gap and gain access.

I am also told by my colleagues who attended this morning that notices have been posted.”

 2. From the Police

“My understanding is that the group has not changed or increased in size, however the number of vehicles on the site will come and go. I am told that some of them have moved around within the area as well, possibly giving the impression that movement is occurring. I am informed that it [the site] is being kept relatively clean and tidy and that any refuse is being bagged up for collection.

In terms of restricting access and re-access on to the site once it has been breached, that is something for the landowner to consider. However, in light of the strategy being adopted i.e. apply to the courts for an order, then this is unlikely.

We have been in touch with LCC Gypsy Traveller Services this morning and will support their and Leeds Mets actions following the outcome of today’s and tomorrow’s court hearings.”