I have received the following updates:

 1. From Leeds Met University

“It has been confirmed this morning that the travellers have vacated the Bedquilts site following notice served yesterday by the enforcement agents of eviction today.  We will be securing the site today to prevent further occurrences.”

2. General Update from me based on conversations

I understand the position to be that a team from Leeds Met were on site at Bedquilts today and have been litter picking and cleaning the area. They have locked the gate now. There is evidence of damage that has been done to some trees. Leeds Met are also concerned the current fence may not meet their needs and they are going to engage a contractor to get it upgraded as a matter of urgency.

 3. From Housing Services at Leeds City Council

“The Travellers have all vacated. They had previously said they intended to leave Leeds and we have had no reports of further encampments; so it looks like this is the case. We have asked for a site clean to be carried out.”

 4. Update from the Police

“A PC has checked the area thoroughly and the travellers referred to [on the Leeds City Council land] were moved on this morning – a little behind the rest but they have still gone.

It appears as if the University are now busy securing the site and ensuring environmental agency attends for the clean-up.”

It would therefore appear that the site is now clear. Some residents have also contacted me to confirm they have left. At this stage I don’t know what happened to the ones on the West Park Ring Road.