I have recently received a number of complaints from local residents about the following issues:

 – Increased noise from flights coming and going to the airport

 – The potential increase in outbound flights over Cookridge
  – Can any money be reclaimed for this increased activity?

I have received 2 replies to my inquiries:

 1. From  The Environmental Manager at Leeds Bradford Airport

 “Dear Cllr Anderson, I would like to comment as follows.

 Firstly, there has been no changes in the types of aircraft operating at Leeds Bradford Airport, therefore, it is likely that the weather conditions have had an impact on perceived noise levels.  Air pressure, wind direction and cloud base can all have an influence on perceived noise levels.

We are in the summer season and therefore the airport is very busy at the moment.  Whilst there is only one runway strip, aircraft can take-off/land on either end of the runway.  The runway used depends on weather conditions (wind direction etc.) as well as operational reasons.  Our preferential runway is runway 32 (towards Menston/Burley) and therefore aircraft depart on this runway approximately 60-70% of the time.  However, on occasions, runway 14 (towards Horsforth) will need to be used, should the weather conditions etc. favour that direction.

The airport has offered two noise insulation grant schemes in the past. The first scheme was associated with the runway extension in 1981 and the second scheme was associated with 24 hour availability in 1994.  There have been no significant airport developments (to impact upon noise exposure) since 1994 that would require the airport to offer a further noise insulation grant scheme and therefore no schemes are available at this present time.

We are currently operating in compliance with all our noise restrictions/procedures.”

 2. From Team Leader: Environmental Advisory, Transport Policy, City Development,  Leeds City Council

 “Unfortunately neither of my 2 colleagues who are most knowledgeable about aircraft noise, are available to comment.

However, I shall provide some detail that relates to recent frequent take offs over Cookridge & why  aircraft noise has been more noticeable than usual. These issues have been mainly caused by frequent warm southerly winds, leading to more aircraft taking off over Cookridge than normal & by many people having  their windows open, which will increase aircraft noise nuisance inside dwellings. “