This is a précis of the information received following consultation with local residents on the proposed traffic calming measures for Adel Lane (from junction with St. Helens Lane down to junction of Long Causeway).

52% of those who responded are in favour of some form of traffic calming and of those 52%, 62% whilst happy with the concept of traffic calming disagree with the proposals and would prefer alternative solutions or layouts, suggestions were as follows:

Humps right across the road – i.e. sleeping policemen
More money to be spent on improving sight lines out of the junctions
20mph, speed cameras and reminder signs
Mini roundabout at junction of Adel Lane/St. Helens Lane
Load restriction
Extend up to top half of Adel Lane/Church Lane

All of this means that only 21% of residents who responded were in favour of the proposals as set out.

There is no doubt that there is no consensus either on the implementation of traffic calming or the types of traffic calming. I do feel that it is vitally important that a public meeting is held as soon as possible to which residents are invited to come along and discuss with Highways officers. It is also vitally important that alternatives are set out for this meeting and not just a take it or leave it option. One thread that does run through the comments made to me is that the development on Bodington should be restricted part of the way through the estate.