I have called on the Council to do more to make residents aware of changes to the management of grass cutting contracts and tree maintenance work.

Following the decision to dissolve the ALMOs and move housing services back in-house, a number of contracts, including grass cutting and tree maintenance, have reverted back to council departments and the Council needs to raise awareness of the changes to ensure there is a smooth transition and residents are not inconvenienced.

With the dissolution of the ALMOs, it’s not just housing services that are moving back in-house, but all the contracts managed by the ALMOs, too. I would like to be reassured that tenants are being made aware of the new details for reporting any issues.

Furthermore, whilst I understand that the budget for grass and shrubs has been transferred, it is unclear whether sufficient budget has been made available for tree works. It’s vital that the Parks and Countryside department have enough resource to deal directly with the inevitable increase in workload. Looking ahead, it is still unclear whether residents will be better or worse off under this new system.