Leeds City Council is to spend £400,000 on roads and pavements across Leeds to ensure the city is ready to welcome the Tour de France when it comes to Leeds in 2014, and over £134,000 of that will be spent in the Adel and Wharfedale ward. A number of streets will benefit from resurfaced pavements, potholes being filled and road surfaces improved to ensure the prestigious cycle race goes without a hitch as it leaves Leeds on its way to Harrogate in the opening stage of the 2014 race.

I think if great news that Leeds will host this prestigious race. The city will be the focus of global attention and it’s important that our city is up to the demanding standards the race organisers expect. Not just for the cyclists, but for the thousands team members, journalists and spectators who will line the route.

Having said that, I hope the Council keeps the roads and pavements in our area up to a high standard once the race has passed through. The previous administration spent a lot of time and money to get the roads in Leeds up to an acceptable standard after years of neglect. They cannot be allowed to fall back into a poor state of repair.