As you may be aware some months ago the Council piloted in the south of the city a fortnightly black bin and a fortnightly green bin collection service called “Alternate Week Collection”.

Adel & Wharfedale Ward is to be included in Phase 2 of the rollout of fortnightly (alternate) refuse collections. It may not apply to all properties in the Ward and further details will be issued as and when I receive them.

The Council’s Executive Board have agreed to the introduction of Alternate Weekly Collections of recycling and residual waste to all suitable properties through a phased city wide roll-out. Phase 1 was implemented in April 2013. Phase 2 aims to be implemented in mid-November 2013. Phase 2  has been identified to include approximately 100,000 properties from the West, North West and North East areas of the city which includes Adel & Wharfedale.  

Prior to the implementation of Phase 2 the Council will also be:

 – Providing a SORT (recycling) waste container to suitable properties currently without, where requested by the resident, and to add these properties to SORT waste routes;

– Preparing materials for communicating with residents about the planned changes and a detailed communications plan;

– Planning for a public education and awareness raising campaign that will include Waste Recycling Advisors meeting residents and undertaking roadshows;

One of the keys to the successful approach adopted for Phase 1 was the involvement of collection crews during the planning stages. This will be replicated for Phase 2. Therefore, over the coming weeks a series of workshops are scheduled with crews working within the Phase 2 area so that they can be fully involved in the design of their new alternate weekly refuse and recycling collection routes.