I’ve been advised that the planning application for the Taylor Wimpey site at Moseley Wood Bottom is imminent. It is important that residents submit objections to this proposal and set out below are my suggested ways in which you can object once the application is live. I will also send out reminders.  As a starting point I would suggest that residents object on the following grounds: 

  • Sustainability – economic, environmental, socially etc. – it is not clear what the Council means by “Sustainable”. This land is not environmentally or socially sustainable for a number of reasons which are included below. 
  • Access to medical services, GP etc. – this is part of the infrastructure needs for the area. The NHS have confirmed in writing to me and the Area Committee officers that they have made no plans for any increase in patients arising from potential housing development in any of the areas in the north west of the city. 
  • Impact on access to both primary and secondary school places. Education has made no plans to resolve the lack of school places in the area. 
  • Highways issues – the impact of all the proposed developments on surrounding roads. Highways have carried out no proper analysis of the current levels of traffic in the area nor have they any plans to carry any out either. 
  • Inadequate road infrastructure to cope with the additional housing. As per Highways issues above. 
  • Significant peak hour traffic problems on surrounding roads. Again Highways have not carried out any analysis nor have they any plans to carry out any analysis. 
  • Access to the land from Moseley Wood Rise will be dangerous and problematic.  This will also be a problem for a number of years as the build out rate by any developer will be slow. 
  • Potential flooding/drainage issues. This is an issue that has been clearly set out by residents and also by Network Rail in terms of their concerns. There are supporting documents on file to back this up. 
  • The increase in local population will mean that the existing infrastructure will not be sufficient and no infrastructure audit has been carried out by the Council. 
  • Impact on the local environment. 
  • Potential public transport issues. NGT will have a negative impact on the number of buses in the area. Based on comments from the NGT project team who have confirmed there will be a reduction in service. Some officers have stated up to 50% others will only state that it will be reduced. The rail service from Horsforth station is inadequate as well. 
  • Loss of agriculture – food sources – self-sufficiency. Food should be grown as close to its point of sale as possible. Using this agricultural land will reduce the ability of this land to be used for agriculture in the future. 
  • Potential visual impact and severe loss of amenity to local residents. 
  • Cumulative impact i.e. over-development of the area due to the lack of investment, infrastructure, highways, public transport, flooding, drainage, etc. 
  • Ecology – e.g. wildlife, flora and fauna that needs to be protected.

 It is my view that the Council should prioritise building on brownfield sites throughout the city first before any consideration is given to any of the green field/green belt sites.

Some people are of the opinion that to resist this planning application would mean you are a NIMBY, this is far from the truth, there are brown field sites nearby at Bodington Hall, the Government Buildings on Otley Road, the site of the old Ralph Thoresby High School, the site of the former Eyrie Public House, to name but a few that can and should be developed first before this green field site is considered.

When the application is published it is important that a critical analysis is made of all of the documents that Taylor Wimpey will publish as part of the planning process and it would be very useful if residents could submit their critique of the documents that they have an interest or expertise in, as part of their objections.

Once the application is submitted you should submit your objections using one of the following methods: 

·         writing to: Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD

·         sending an email to:

·         via the planning services website at

Please quote the planning reference number with your comments by the closing date that will be advertised with it. I will let you know the number when I have it.

Details of the application may be viewed at the web site above, or by accessing IT facilities in the library at Ralph Thoresby High School, or at the Leonardo Building.

I will do my best to get details of all of this out to as many residents as I can as quickly as possible.

The location at Moseley Wood Bottom is visually attractive and is a signature of the quality of the landscape in this part of Cookridge. The area is enjoyed by numerous local residents for their leisure activities and also for their basic enjoyment. If this field is lost it is lost forever.

The knock on effect of this development in the north of the city could be quite significant in terms of increased vehicle movements, even further pressure on the local infrastructure and as there will be no significant investment in improving or enhancing or introducing any infrastructure improvements the quality of life for residents in the area will be significantly affected.

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