Number:    13/04148/OT/NW

Site:            Land Rear Moseley Wood Gardens  Cookridge  Leeds  LS16 

Proposal:    Outline Planning Application for the Residential Development of circa 200 dwellings and associated landscaping

I have been advised that an application for the proposed development for the Land Rear Moseley Wood Gardens , Cookridge has now been submitted, details of which are in précis form above. If you would like to get access to more detailed information please click on the link below and then insert the application number 13/04148 and press “search” and the information above should come up. You can then click on the associated documents if you wish to see what the documents are and you can look at all the individual documents.

Finally, can I please ask if you can pass this email on to any of your friends or neighbours so that they can be made aware that a planning application has been submitted. If you would like to submit a comment about this new proposal please use one of the following methods:

·         writing to: Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD

·         sending an email to:

·         via the planning services website at

Please quote the planning reference number, noted above, with your comments. The closing date for comments is 2nd October 2013.

Details of the application may be viewed at the web site above, or by accessing IT facilities in the library at Ralph Thoresby High School, or at the Leonardo Building.

I would find it very useful if you could forward a copy of your comments to me, so that I can represent your views clearly and concisely.

I have not looked at the documents myself yet, as I felt it was important to get this information into the public domain.

Please pass this information on to your friends and neighbours.

Just to clarify the position in respect of previous comments that have been submitted. For those of you who submitted comments to the Council either through the forms provided by the Cookridge Residents Action Group or via the online system or by email or letter in respect of the earlier consultation unfortunately you will now need to make your comments again on this specific application. All of the reasons you put in previous objections are still valid and you can use the same reasons again but it is important that you now raise objections or comments on this particular application. It is only outline at this stage.

The CRAG forms and other forms of comment were in relation to the Council’s consultation on all the potential development sites across the city and our objection was to the principal of building on the land at Moseley Wood Bottom. This has still not been decided by the Council and will take well into 2014 before the Council are able to issue a decision on any of the sites citywide.

However this does not stop any developer submitting an application to the Council for building housing on any of the sites in the meantime.