The Council recently produced a leaflet on Tree Management which contains the following useful information:

“Leeds City Council has a statutory duty to ensure that all trees under its control are maintained so they do not pose unreasonable risks to people or property. Forestry Section have developed a Risk Management System to ensure that developing tree hazards are identified early and reduced in a timely fashion. Tree risks are assessed by qualified Arboriculturalists, using an internationally recognised assessment system, and a risk category is assigned. The categories are defined as No. 1 being Emergency where work needs to be completed within 24 hours to 4 where no hazard has been identified.

Non-Priority Risks which are given a category 4 tend to be associated with shade, lack of TV reception/satellite signal etc. Contrary to popular opinion, home owners do not have a legal right to light where shade cast by trees is concerned nor is there a legal right to receive a TV reception or satellite signal.

Fallen leaves, honey dew, sapling growth from tree seed or suckers, nesting birds or wildlife etc. are regarded as natural events, out of the control of the tree owner and no onus is placed on tree owners to remove or prevent these events from happening.”