The proposals for the new Leeds Trolleybus (NGT) are out for consultation and there is currently a period of time where comments and objections can be put forward. As a resident of Cookridge and as a Ward Councillor I am totally against the introduction of the Trolleybus system.

I am objecting to this for a number of reasons not least the potential time savings as opposed to using the No. 1 and No. 6 routes. I have asked Council Officers to give me a clear explanation as to how these are going to be achieved and I have not yet had an answer. Of course, with NGT taking up road space then this may cause issues with the bus service but it cannot therefore be classed as an improvement.

My alternative would be to have more express bus services from our area picking people up at local stops but once they hit the ring road would not stop until they got to the city centre, the same coming out of the city.  This could be introduced far more cheaply than NGT.

I also feel the proposed technology for NGT will be out of date before it is built. It would be better to use electric or hybrid or hydrogen cell vehicles instead of the current proposals. The bus stops and trolleybus stops will not be next to each other which will lead to people having to walk significant distances.

The viability, never mind the sense, of the HoltPark leg has never been properly explained or clarified.  There is no clarity over the fares, the businesses along the route are very concerned about the effect on them as cars will not be allowed to stop outside the shops on the route due to more rigorous enforcement of the bus lanes.

There is a massive environmental impact in terms of trees, a huge number of mature trees are due to be felled to widen the roads. Whilst more may be planted it will take a long time for the new trees to reach maturity. Most of us will never see these trees mature.

Another major concern is the re-routing proposal so that the trolley bus can get round the car park at Asda. There will be conflicts around the Doctors’ Surgery and around the Kids’ Academy nursery. The new proposed entrance to the car park outside Asda, opposite the entrance to the Holt Farms, will be a dangerous access and moving the recyclables from their current location will lead to noise nuisance for residents in the Kenworthys. The removal of the speed humps on Holtdale Approach from outside the Doctors’ Surgery, outside RalphThoresbyHigh School and further up Holtdale Approach is not sensible. I am against the proposal to bring both accesses off of Holt Park Road which will lead to a significant loss of car parks spaces due to the need to reconfigure the Asda car park. There are huge road safety issues connected with all of these changes.