Site Allocations Update

 As many of you will be aware the Council is currently going through a process known as ‘Site Allocations’, this will determine the location of housing development in Leeds over the next 15 years, up to 2028. Large numbers contributed to the public consultation and I thought you may wish to know what happens next.

The response from Leeds residents was significant with over 5,000 responses received on these proposals. A large number of you also attended the events I organised to express your views about specific sites in our area.

Planning Officers will analyse and assess the responses and work up more detailed plans for each area of the city. Detailed proposals for North West Leeds are unlikely to be available before summer 2014. Following this there will be a further opportunity for public comment through another consultation process. If there are further changes then additional consultation will be enacted.

The ultimate decision on the proposals will be taken by an Inspector on behalf of the Secretary of State, who will examine the Leeds plans in public in late 2014/early 2015 with the adoption of the plan scheduled for 2015.

Many of you are concerned like me, about some of the proposals in, amongst other things, their scale, viability and sustainability but at least there is a firm commitment to additional consultation which will provide opportunities to oppose any sites that we feel are completely unsuitable for new housing. This is quite a lengthy process and there will not be any real certainty on what the Council is proposing until mid to late 2014. It is also linked to the Core Strategy being agreed, without which this cannot proceed.

I will keep you informed as I receive more information.