A number of people have raised the issue of the toilets not being in full working order at the Holt Park Active centre and I have received the update below from the Centre Manager in response to my enquiries:

“I am aware that there are ongoing problems with this toilet area and investigations are planned to ascertain the root cause of the blockages. The area has been opened and closed on a number of occasions as Mr Wilson points out and have been reported immediately on each occasion. Rectifications have been performed on each occasion however the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution has led to escalating the work needed.

I have met this morning as we do every Thursday morning with Interserve Facility Management to discuss both maintenance and cleanliness standards. These changing areas including drainage and floors have been discussed previously and today I have asked if the toilets can be resolved as a matter of urgency and also that they ensure that all shower drain debris and hair catchers are cleaned out with a greater frequency daily.

Please be assured that we are following our reporting procedures through to Interserve to rectify the issues and pushing for progress.”