I got in touch with Matthias Franklin the senior planner who is at present responsible for the planning application by Taylor Wimpey to build housing on Moseley Wood Bottom to ask for an update on the position both in regard to the current application and also the proposed amendment to enable a second access point on Cookridge Drive. Set out below, in quotations, is his response.

The meeting he refers to that the application will be taken to for a “position statement” only i.e. no decision will be made, is to be held on Thursday 13th February 2014. These meetings usually start at 1.30pm. At that meeting officers will present to the elected members a précis of all of the issues, they will highlight all of the objections raised, they will advise the elected members of what remedial action, mitigation measures and proposals from Taylor Wimpey there are to address the areas of objection and they will ask the elected members present to give their initial views and thoughts and they will ask officers questions to clarify any issues they have. At this stage I don’t know whether or not the elected members on the plans panel will carry out a site visit prior to the meeting in February or whether or not they will carry out a site visit only when the application comes forward for a formal decision sometime in the future.

At the meeting on 13th February you will be able to attend and listen to the debate but on this occasion residents will have no right to speak, equally I will have no right to speak and Taylor Wimpey will have no right to speak. However, the Panel might ask questions of me and/or Taylor Wimpey, if they are present, to clarify their understanding.

I trust this updates you on the current position. As soon as I get notified that the revised application is in the public domain I will get back in touch so that you can submit your views on the amended proposal. The only areas you will need to make your comments known on will be the effect that the 2nd point of access will have, the effect on Cookridge Drive, the surrounding streets, the impact on the local area, the impact on the site, etc. etc. Your original comments, if you made any, will still be taken into account alongside any new ones.

If you would like any clarification of any of the points in the email please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Can you please pass this on to any friends or neighbours who might not have access to the internet or to email.


There are 3 drainage/flood risk matters that required further study/investigation, in order for LCC drainage to support the application, these were:

1)            A plan showing that the proposed attenuation ponds (swales) adjacent to Moseley Beck, are outside the flood plain. (available on public access)

2)            Modelling of Moseley Beck – post development, to demonstrate that the additional volume of run-off from the site would not increase flood risk downstream, especially at the railway bridge, which is a known pinch point.

3)            Additional ground investigations including proposals for dealing with ground water. A period of 3-6 months of site investigations has been requested. The applicant is currently considering this matter and has not yet responded but they are aware this matter needs resolving before the principle of development can be established, particularly in relation to the areas of the site that are wet and where there are existing watercourses.

Issue (1) has now been addressed by the information that we received 2weeks ago from the applicant. However, issues (2) and (3) have not yet been dealt with.

The applicants have recently submitted a planning application for the creation of a second point of access into the site from Cookridge Drive. This is to address concerns about the site being served by a single point of access. The applicant held a community consultation event prior to submitting this S73 application for a second access point. We have not yet validated this application but anticipate this will be done this week with site notices being erected in due course.

LCC officers and the Environment Agency (EA) held a site visit last Friday and discussed the issues raised above. Although the EA recognise the concerns above drainage matters, they are matters that are outside of the EAs remit and therefore will not change their position. They will continue to be kept up to date with any additional information submitted in relation to drainage matters however.

It is likely that this application will be presented to City Centre strategic panel with a position statement to outline the current issues with the application. Please note this is not a determination but is a report to the Panel for information purposes.”