Holt Lane – proposal for 30mph speed limit

I refer to the above. I have received the following information from the Assistant Engineer, Traffic Management West advising me in respect of progress with the scheme:

“The scheme proposal is to reduce the speed limit on Holt Lane from its junction with Cookridge Lane/Otley Old Road, which currently has a speed limit of 40mph for majority of its length.

In order to facilitate the proposed scheme it is intended to:-

  • Reduce the existing 40mph on Holt Lane to 30mph, from the junction with Cookridge Lane/Otley Old Road, to a point approximately 115 metres northwest of the junction of Holt Road. From this point onwards the speed limit is already 30mph

In January 2014 we carried out speed / volume surveys at two locations. The first location being on Holt Lane, approximately 440 metres East of the junction of Cookridge Lane / Otley Old Road which showed that the daily two-way flow, to be around 1326 vehicles / day and the mean speed to be 29.9mph.

The other survey was carried out on Holt Lane approximately 59 metres East of the junction of Holt Park Road which showed that the daily two-way flow to be 793 vehicles / day and the mean speed to be 22.8mph.

There have been 2 recorded injury accidents on this length of road in the current five year period, both recorded as being slight. We have written to the Police to ask for their comments and support in the change of the speed limit for the proposed scheme. Taking into account the information we provided them, the responses/comments are as follows:-

“The speed surveys on this stretch of carriageway show that the average speed of vehicles is currently well below the posted 40mph limit, and even below the proposed 30mph limit. With this in mind why is there a need to reduce the limit or is it a perception issue and that if the limit was reduced to 30mph despite the demonstrable compliance of motorists, there would be subsequent calls for enforcement based on this perception of speed rather than fact. Given this and the fact that there have been two slight injury collisions over the last five years, if the limit were to be reduced, this road would not be likely to receive any targeted enforcement.”

Highways have asked me for comments on the scheme, not in respect of any alternatives but whether or not the scheme meets the needs of the residents I have contacted them on behalf of and I therefore look forward to receiving your thoughts and comments on the proposals.