Please find below information I have been sent in respect of the resumption of the brown bin garden waste collection service which starts again from 3rd March.

“Dear Councillor

I am writing to advise you that the fortnightly garden waste (brown bin) collection service will resume on existing routes across two weeks from 3March 2014.

As garden waste collections are a well-established service and there are no changes this year, we will not be issuing new calendars to individual households. This will realise cost savings to the council of £50,000.

This year, brown garden waste bin calendars are available to download from the Council’s web site (

To publicise the restart of the service and the relevant council webpages, we are providing a wide range of reminders to residents through:

  • the local press,
  • the About Leeds newspaper issued to every household in March,
  • the council tax mail out,
  • the Housing Leeds tenant newsletter,
  • posters in local libraries, one stop centres and community centres, and
  • our digital channels.

With around 13,000 people using the check your bin day application every month ( and two million visits to the council’s website a month, it is clear that a large proportion of our customers use digital communication channels.  For residents who don’t use the internet, they are signposted to the council’s contact centre; local library or one stop centre to find out their collection dates. 

Please find attached a flyer that the service has produced to help publicise the restart of the service and the ways which people can find out about their collection dates.  We would be grateful if you could circulate this to your constituents, community groups and parish councils as appropriate.