There is a lot of interest in the Council’s proposals for 20mph zones. The Council are rolling these out firstly to streets surrounding schools. All the schools in Leeds are on a list to be done. The zone takes in a school and up to a 1km buffer around the boundary. The zones are prioritised according to the number of traffic casualties per area but at a ratio taking into account of the area square. This list is updated on a yearly basis to reflect the accident rate over the past 12 months.

Highways delivers approx. 20-25 schemes in each phase dependant on cost. Public awareness of these schemes has grown and there have been less objections which take up officer time and the majority of schemes now tend to involve less major works.

The basic cost of any scheme are staff, works and legal. For a 20mph scheme in particular the costs include designing, consultation, drafting legal orders. There is also work required to paint the road markings and install signs including electrical work.

There are currently a number of pressures on the Highways department and new schemes may take some time to deliver.