A recent report to the Council’s Executive Board sought approval to make changes to the Bulky Waste collection service by way of providing only 3 free collections per year as opposed to the existing 13 with a potential future option for the Council to charge for additional collections. A limit of four items per collection is proposed.

In 2012/13, 34,500 bulky collections were requested (around 660 per week).Only a small minority of Leeds’ households use the bulky waste collection service (around 8%), with 97% of users using the service three times or less a year.

Of the seven Core Cities only Leeds, Nottingham and Liverpool, operate a wholly free of charge service and Liverpool restricts the number of collections offered to five per year. All of the others either charge for all collections, or offer only one free collection a year before charging for this service.

The guidance on acceptable items for collection via this service will be published on the Council’s website.

Many items collected by the Council could be reused by other organisations or through individually made arrangements via websites such as Freecycle or eBay. The Council has been actively working with and supporting the Furniture Reuse Network in Leeds in order to build skills and capacity within this sector. It is expected that this will increase the proportion of bulky items such as furniture which are reused and provide a faster and more bespoke service to customers as well as reducing the level of collections which need to be provided by the Council.