I refer to the above and would advise that I have been in touch with Planning Department to ask for an update on the original Planning Application as to when it will be taken before a Plans Panel for their thoughts and comments. The current position is as follows:

“In light of the Core Strategy Inspector’s modifications letter and the need for Full Council to consider the implications of these required changes the PAS [This site] applications we currently have are not going to Panel until we have some clarity on these matters. The applicant has written to request the application be presented to (City and Strategic) Panel on the 10th April for a determination. We are considering this request but have not yet come to a decision on which Panel the applications will be presented to. Clearly Kirklees Knowl decision is due in 4 weeks and this again has implication on delivery of the 5 yr. supply requirements.”

I have also been advised of the following from the Planner, in relation to some Site Investigation [SI] work that Taylor Wimpey will be doing on site:

“The developer has informed me that with respect to their SI in the south east corner of the site to establish the drainage potential of this parcel of land the developer is expecting to have boreholes in situ for the beginning of March. There will be a requirement to lay a small amount of crushed stone within the field to facilitate access.  I would imagine that this will raise some concerns from local residents so I wanted to brief you in advance of this commencing. The works that will take place do not in themselves require any particular planning permission.”

I have in turn asked Planning the following questions for clarification:

 Do you know how much they are going to deposit in terms of area of land covered, and whether it’ll be removed afterwards?