I write further to a site meeting attended on Tuesday with the  site manager and the assistant site manager at the above site..

The following issues were raised and discussed:

Breach of condition (hours) – We discussed the breach of hours especially on Saturdays where we have evidence to prove they have started before 8.30. The site manager acknowledged 1 incident and then we spoke to a couple of site foreman (contractors) whilst there who admitted to starting and moving vehicles before 8.30 although they say they didn’t actually start work until 8.30. I advised the site manager that this was enough to breach the condition and if this condition was breached again then we are very likely to serve a breach of condition Notice upon the developers which would show up on searches and may affect sales of the remaining properties. I also advised that we may be randomly carrying out site visits on a Saturday morning to ensure the condition is not breached.

Sunday working: Apparently this has only happened once when a joiner who could not attend on a Saturday turned up on a Sunday. All staff are aware they cannot work on Sundays and if the condition is breached then we will take the necessary action.

Relocation of the builders compound and tree protection: Under PD Rights David Wilson can use the field to provide their compound. The enlargement of the compound is also acceptable under PD Rights as there is no size threshold. Once the development is completed they do have to re-instate the compound land to its former state. I have checked and they are not within the tree protection zone, although there is a sign on the fencing suggesting they are. The trees are adequately protected and we are happy with the measures put in place.

Rubbish in the hedgegrow: Having walked around the site I am in agreement that it does seem like the polystyrene sheeting may not be from the development site and looks quite old. The site manager has however on my request agreed to get these removed and get a member of staff to have a clear up around the site. He did mention that it was quiet difficult to reach the plastic sheeting/ bags within the tree but he will try get this done using a large pole where possible.

The site manager is aware of the seriousness of the matter and it is in his best interests to comply with the conditions as a breach of condition notice will harm the sale of any new properties. 

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me. If you need to speak to the site manager then he can be contacted directly on (07702678240) by any residents.