At a meeting of the Outer North West Area Committee on 26th March West Yorkshire Police were awarded £4540 for the continuation of the Off Road Bike Project. This will pay for the fuel and lease of 4 bikes. The bikes will operate in conjunction with the Parkswatch service, the Youth Service and partner organisations around the North West Leeds Division of the Neighbourhood Policing area.

I welcome the additional funding that is going into the Off Road Bikes as they are extremely effective in providing high visibility patrols in green spaces where police cars cannot patrol and police on foot cannot get too quickly. Everyone deserves the right to a peaceful existence without anti-social behaviour getting in the way and the bike patrols can help combat a lot of anti-social behaviour issues.

Now that the Off Road Bikes have been operating for a while they are familiar with the hotspots and the times of the year that trouble occurs. This helps them build up intelligence and trouble can be avoided before it even starts. The bikes’ service have also been involved in major police Operations to tackle drug abuse, metal theft and enforcing residents’ only access to roads.