I was recently advised that some tree felling had taken place on Adel Lane beside the entrance to the Bodington site (between the Bodington entrance and No. 121 Adel Lane). I took this up with the Tree Officer who responded as follows:

“The works to the trees in this location are above board and the developer has been liaising with us.

The reason for the limited tree removal is to facilitate a footpath link which the highway authority has insisted must go in. Options for the least damaging route for trees have been explored. The developer has employed his own Aboriculturalist to advise and to supervise the implementation. Rather than standard tarmac construction the footpath link is going to be a crushed stone with board edging which is more tree-friendly

In a similar location again there is some unavoidable drainage manhole works. This will necessitate the removal of another tree but again the same precautionary approach has been used.”