The Planning Application report for Moseley Wood Bottom will go before the City Plans Panel which sits at 1.30pm on 10th April. This item is 3rd on the Agenda so it will not be taken at 1.30pm exactly. The purpose of the report coming before the Panel is not for a decision to be made to approve or refuse the application it is merely to give the Plans Panel members the chance to make any comments before the report is taken formally at a future Plans Panel meeting for any final decision to be made.

There will be a site visit by the Plans Panel at around 10.20am on the morning of 10th April but the Plans Panel will not be able to speak to any residents who turn up. The purpose of this site visit is so that the members of the Plans Panel can acquaint themselves with the site in terms of its layout and any specific issues contained in the report that have been raised by residents, by me or by other interested parties.

At the site visit the Plans Panel members usually keep their thoughts to themselves but they will express their views at the Plans Panel meeting in the afternoon.

The format of the rest of the day will be as follows:

  1. If you want to come along to the Plans Panel meeting which will be in Rooms 6 & 7 at the Civic Hall you can attend as it is a public meeting and any member of the public is free to attend.
  2. The Plans Panel will proceed through the Agenda, on some occasions the order of the Agenda items can be changed at the Chair’s discretion.
  3. When it comes to the Agenda item for Moseley Wood Bottom the Planners will present the report to the members of the Plans Panel outlining the various issues and the potential ways of solving and resolving the issues that have been raised. Other officers will be invited to give their view from their perspective e.g. Highways, Drainage etc. The Plans Panel will then have a chance to ask further questions and give their thoughts and comments.
  4. There will not be an opportunity at this planning event for either myself, or any local residents or Taylor Wimpey to make any comment/presentations themselves. This will occur when the application is formally heard and there will be a 3 minute time limit on each side.
  5. At the end of the debate the Chair will draw together the discussion and will summarise any points or issues that officers need to consider further so that when the report returns for a formal decision at a subsequent meeting these points are either clarified or reflected in the report when it comes back again.
  6. Hopefully you will attend the meeting, hear the debate and will see that all relevant points have been properly debated/discussed.
  7. If, after reading the report (copies will be available on the day or via the Council website), and listening to the debate you feel there are any issues that need to be amplified or clarified, let me know and I will contact the Planning Officers so that those points can be clarified/amplified in the final report that goes to the Plans Panel.
  8.  Frustrating as it may be the purpose of the report is to set out in as balanced a way as possible the pros and cons of this application.

 If you  have any questions or queries on either the report or the process I have outlined above please get back in touch and I will do my best to give an explanation. As I’ve also said above, hopefully you will be able to attend the Plans Panel meeting so that the Plans Panel see the strength of feeling from local residents. Although none of us can speak at the meeting and no final decision will be made it is a worthwhile meeting to attend so that you get a rough idea as to the way the Plans Panel feel about the proposal.

Finally, just for the sake of clarification the Plans Panel is made up solely of elected Councillors from the various political parties on the Council. It is for them to independently assess the application.

If you would like to access a copy of the report click on the link below: