You may be aware that David Wilson Homes have been working on the site during non-working hours periods. This is in breach of the planning conditions. I have been chasing the Planning Enforcement section to take action against them for this breach. Neighbours have been keeping me advised when this is happening. I have now received the following update in respect of the action that is going to be taken by the Planning Enforcement team:

“I write further to the concerns raised regarding the ongoing works at the David Wilson Homes site in Adel. A complaint was initially received towards the end of 2013 as they were working outside of the permitted hours. I initially met with the site manager and was advised that they only worked one Sunday and this was due to a gas leak on site.

Further complaints were received in intervals and the site manager seemed to provide justifications every time, however he agreed to monitor the situation and ensured me that this will not happen in the future. As they have continued to breach the condition on many occasions we have no choice but to serve a Breach of Condition Notice.

I have today drafted a Breach of Condition notice with the intention to serve this on David Wilson Homes by the end of the week. This will require them to immediately comply with the condition and failure to do so may involve in the Council taking prosecution action. It is intended that the developer will take matters seriously as the Breach of Condition Notice will show up on searches and may affect the future sale of the remaining dwellings. There is no right of appeal against this notice.”

I trust this keeps you up to date with matters that may affect you.