I have had a number of queries in respect of when householders occupying the new properties being built in the area will be in receipt of brown bins as currently they have no brown bin collection. I took this up with the Refuse Collection Service manager, who responded as follows:

“Currently, existing routes are working at or near capacity especially during the peak growing season so we have no real ability to add further properties to these routes.  Fundamentally to extend garden waste provision to new properties will require a new collection round and so budget provision.  There is also the need to sensibly route the new properties and so undertake some optimisation of existing rounds. Team capacity in that regard remains constrained currently with the ongoing Alternate Week Collection roll out. Therefore we are talking about Spring 2015.”

I am going to take this up in the full Council meeting as I am not happy with this response. To cite budget issues when residents are paying Council Tax is not justified. This is just one of the issues that myself and the Forum have been constantly bringing up about not having the infrastructure in place before new houses are built