I have received the following information in respect of the situation where a Warden is required for the school crossing patrol on Sir George Martin Drive.

“Although recent surveys have failed to show sufficient pedestrian activity to warrant the provision of a school crossing patrol warden at this site I am happy to try and recruit a warden for the post with the expectation that if the site is staffed and the service maintained over a period of time  usage will increase and a permanent site can be established.

The main barrier to doing this will be the recruitment of a person to fill the post as recruitment is often very difficult. A banner advertising the vacancy was displayed at the school railings some time ago and I have asked my area supervisor to do a visit today to ensure that this is still intact and also to speak to the school about advertising the vacancy in any newsletter going out to parents.”

If you think that you could fill this vacancy please contact Andrea Bottomley, Passenger Transport & School Crossing Patrol Service on 0113 378 1823.