Barratt David Wilson Homes development, Church Lane, Adel

I recently received the following update from the Arboricultural Consultant in respect of the above.

“Dear Councillor,

I am writing in respect of the Barratts development at Church Lane, Adel.

I have been commissioned by Barratt David Wilson homes to undertake a range of ameliorative works around several mature Oak trees which border the rear of the new dwellings.

This action was agreed as a result of reports submitted to Seamus Corr and Carol Cunningham of your planning department due to works carried out around the trees which has led to significant compaction of the soil.

The two aforementioned council officers have been most insistent that this work had to be carried out at the earliest opportunity.

I have now carried out the breaking up of the compaction under the surface by the use of an air spade. I feel sure you will be aware that this involves the injection of compressed air into the soil. This has been carried out within the canopy area of the trees but visually you will not detect any difference to the soil on the surface.

I have met an agricultural contractor today who is going to cultivate this area for me to break up the hard crust that has formed on the top 450mm.

At this moment in time the soil surface in certain areas where deep ruts are visible is holding puddles of water due to the surface compaction so it would be unwise to carry out my required cultivation instructions until such time as this has dried out. I envisage that this should not be too long and i will be monitoring it over the next few days. I do not  want any machinery running over these areas whilst it is too wet as this will only render the work i have already done of little use and will further damage the soil structure.

I will continue to update Seamus Corr of your council and Andrew Croft of Barratt David Wilson homes who is as keen as your officers to see this work completed.

I trust that this update is satisfactory but should you require further information in respect of this subject please do not hesitate to contact me.”

I have a number of questions that I am awaiting answers on in respect of the udpate.