I recently raised serious doubts with the Council about its ability to collect and empty the brown bins. I have received a number of complaints over the summer and I am extremely concerned about the Council’s ability to deliver this service which Council Taxpayers are funding. In my ward the number of complaints in terms of collections not being made when they should be seems to be rising and that is just the ones I am told about by my residents.

Furthermore the service residents get when they phone to complain is not satisfactory either and was highlighted by the latest complaint I received from a resident who advised me they were told by an automated message that their complaint would be dealt with within 15 days. This is not good enough and for a service that is fortnightly anyway is diabolical. By the time the complaint would have been handled the next collection day will have arrived. Perhaps that is what the Council are trying to achieve to limit the number of complaints, hoping by the time they get round to it, the issue will have resolved itself.

I urge every resident in the Adel & Wharfedale area who does not get their bin emptied on the due date to contact me. This is happening far too often and unfortunately past experience tells me that unless the service is prepared to accept there is a problem then it will continue. Refuse collection is one of the most important services to many residents who often don’t use many of the other services that they pay for. The council needs to get this right. With the collections now being fortnightly, which I fully support, it is absolutely imperative that the bins are collected on time.