I am extremely pleased that the Planners have recommended refusal on this site, like other sites  in my Ward it is far too premature to bring forward at this time. In respect of this site it does not meet the criteria for the interim housing delivery policy and that has been recognised in the recommendation. A number of the issues I have consistently argued with the planners about have been used in the refusal – highways concerns, education concerns, no alignment with current policy on size of sites, access to public transport and walking distances to public transport.

This is not to say that the battle to save this site is over, the developers may appeal the decision and a Planning Inspector will have to decide on the suitability of the site at this time. However, my colleagues and I with the continued support of the Parish Council and the residents of Bramhope will continue to fight against development on this site. I will also be fighting every other site in the Ward that is totally unsuitable for development at this time. I am heavily involved in trying to save the sites at both Moseley Wood Bottom in Cookridge and Church Lane/Otley Road in Adel, furthermore if and when the site identified at Pool comes under attack from developers I will be putting forward exactly the same arguments there. For the same reasons as have been given for the Bramhope sites, all of these have the same characteristics for refusal and I hope the planners will recognise this when the reports for these sites are compiled.