I was approached recently by a resident to seek clarification on the following issues as a result of the recent highway maintenance and the installation of traffic calming measures on Adel Lane:

1. Travelling down Adel Lane, north of its junction with St Helen’s Lane, I saw no warning signs erected at all’
2. The temporary white lines painted on the road hump are completely obscured by the recent surface dressing.
3. Road users are not being warned properly about the presence of road humps etc.
4. The trench across the cushion at the junction of Adel Lane with St Helen’s Lane has not been repaired robustly. 

Set out below is the response from the Highway Maintenance Manager:

“Dear Cllr Anderson,

I’ve managed to discuss the situation with [the Officer ]who is responsible for the humps (section 278 agreement related to Bodington Hall Development), and with[ the Officer] from my team who is managing the surface dressing work for us this year.

On visiting site[my officer] has confirmed that all the permanent signs relating to the humps are in place.

Some of the temporary signs relating to no road markings had blown down and these have been put back up and where possible staked into the ground to help to stop them from blowing over.

Some temporary white triangles have been sprayed on the humps to try and warn drivers, the permanent markings should be applied in the next 5 working days, weather permitting.

The excavation work we believe is a ‘British Telecom’ opening, and the reinstatement is temporary. An officer from Network Management is investigating and will make sure that a proper reinstatement is done.

Kind Regards

Highway Maintenance Manager”

I trust this keeps you up to date with these matters.