I have been receiving a number of complaints from local residents about the above issue, please see below the reply I have received, which may be of interest to you.

“In short there are no restrictions and there is no legal way of placing such a condition upon a local authority licence.

Appealing to them would not be productive  for two reasons.   The law relating to Hackney Carriages (black and whites) is that they must take the shortest possible route.   Failure to do so is a summary offence that could lead to prosecution so they are possibly obliged to drive through the village.

The much larger part of the trade is the private hire sector and they are in a very competitive market which is cost driven by the customer.   If they were to take a longer way round the travelling public would undoubtedly complain to us about overcharging.   It is a matter that is entirely out of our hands.

In respect of driver behaviour which might lead to consideration of a prosecution there are two obstacles.   Firstly a local authority are expressly not allowed to issue notices of intended prosecution.   This is the first step along the pathway to prosecuting and is a statutory requirement that it is served.   In effect this means it is down to the police to prosecute.   I am sorry but it is an area of law which is out of our hands.

The second obstacle is producing the quality of evidence that would attract the police to consider a prosecution.   Firstly they would ask if it was serious enough to even bother looking at; next there would be the evidence test, and that is set very high by the courts and the CPS will not take cases where there is not a significant amount of sustainable and corroborated evidence.   Interpretations of what is bad driving and what is criminal driving are often quite distinct and therefore you have a battle on your hands to sustain a prosecution case.

I am sorry to say that the only encouragement I can give is that some of the constituents form their own ‘observation’ group and record events to demonstrate to the police the extent of the problem.   The big theme in the police is targeting unacceptable behaviour in communities and if they can demonstrate scale with  indisputable examples of really bad driving that could interest the Police.

I have had a quick look on the West Yorkshire Police web page below and notice that speeding in Bramhope is already a priority for the Neighbourhood Policing Team and I would recommend that is the starting point to a potential constructive solution. “