I have recently received the following information which on receipt I met with the officers and registered my objections to this as a site for the compound as I have a number of concerns not least its close proximity to two busy schools. There is also the question of why it cannot be located nearer to Iveson Drive.  I gave the officers a number of suggestions for alternative sites. I would be pleased to hear about any issues with the compound, the traffic, problems when schools are opening and closing etc.

“Dear Councillor Anderson

I’m writing to let you know you about a proposal for a compound in your ward to be used by our contractors Wilmott Dixon for an external wall insulation scheme for properties in and around Iveson Drive in Weetwood ward.

The site is the grassed area on the corner of Otley Old Road and Holtdale Approach. There is a need for wagons to deliver materials to the site but we anticipate there will only be three deliveries per week so we don’t anticipate that this will cause too much disruption. The rest of the time it will be smaller vehicles accessing the site to take materials to the houses where the work will be done. The scheme has to be completed by the end of November and the compound will be dismantled and the site restored to its original state afterwards.

The land is owned by Housing Leeds and they are happy with it being used for this purpose. Highways have indicated that they are generally happy with the proposal and are currently liaising with the contractor to clear up some details around the site entrance.

To give you some background to the project itself, it’s been set up to avoid losing ERDF (i.e. EU) funding that we run the risk of having clawed back by the government because the original scheme it was allocated to in Armley has suffered a delay. If the funding isn’t spent by the end of November the government may seek to reclaim the underspend of around £650,000. We will be applying external wall insulation to 58 council properties in and around Iveson Drive. This will complement the Green Deal Communities scheme that we are carrying out in the same area offering discounted insulation to privately owned homes.

I hope this explains the scheme to you clearly.”