Some residents have recently received a leaflet through their door advertising that there is a consultation exercise ongoing about education provision in the Adel area. When residents have tried to access the information they have been told the consultation is now closed. I was unaware that the Council had sent out any leaflets so I queried it with them, because they had not notified me that this consultation had been extended.

Set out below are two replies I have received which hopefully  clarify the position:

1. From Head of Service

In an effort to raise awareness of the online discussion, which you will know is only a preliminary discussion forum, not a full consultation process, we arranged for some local leafleting.  We requested that this take place at the beginning of August.  Having spoken to the distribution company it transpires that a number of those leaflets have only been delivered in the last two weeks.  In fairness to residents who may wish to now participate we have re-opened the online discussion for a further two weeks. 

Please accept my apologies for this, and I hope that you will understand that we are doing everything in our power to progress with this matter.

2. From the Strategic Capacity and Planning Officer in Education

Thank you for your email querying the leaflet that has been delivered to your constituents that relates to school places in Adel. Following the stakeholder event we held in July, we setup the online blog to inform the wider community that the event had taken place and to inform people about what had been discussed and the options that had been put forward. As part of getting the message out to the community, we used a distribution company to deliver leaflets to residents to make people aware of the online forum and to encourage comments. The leaflets went out mid-July to approx. 400 houses within Adel.

We reviewed comments made through the online forum early August, of which there were only 4 (probably due to summer holidays). We made a decision to keep the online forum open until the end of August to allow the community to have more opportunity to find out more or comment. To promote this, we contacted the distribution company again to request another leaflet drop for week commencing 11th August which would cover a wider area (800 houses). The distribution company have now confirmed that although the majority of leaflets went out mid-August, a third of these were not delivered until early September.

In view of this we have decided to open the online forum for another 2 weeks, until the 26th September, to allow the community to make comments on the information shared from the stakeholder event.

Please accept our apologies for this error and be assured that systems will be put in place to prevent this from happening again.