Further to my post dated 8th September in respect of the above, I can now provide the following update:

I have been sent a number of emails today as a result of the site visit today in respect of the compound that has been constructed at the top end of Holtdale Approach opposite Holtdale Place. This follows complaints by my colleagues and myself and local residents.

The latest responses I have received are:

1. From the senior Programme Leader:

I noted down several actions today which I will be following up as soon as possible:

1.  To forward details of site Health &Safety (H & S) and the Highways risk assessment/H&S assessment carried out when selecting the site and designing access.  For now, I can confirm that we consulted with Highways to ensure they had no safety concerns and the site is registered with the HSE.  I expect to get further details to you all on Monday.
2.  To confirm timings.  Vehicle movements will not take place in school hours: subcontractor vehicles arrive between 7:30 and 8:00, load up with materials for the day and then return and sign out from 4:30-5:00. There will three deliveries per week from large vehicles. These will not take place before 9:00am or after 3:00pm, again to avoid clashes with school traffic.
3.  To arrange a follow up meeting with the residents association to discuss ongoing concerns, how the site should be reinstated and local environmental and energy efficiency improvements. 
4.  To arrange for the site to have hoardings to screen it.  I have requested that Willmott (the Contractors) do this and expect the hoarding to be erected next week.

2. From Willmott Dixon:

As requested please find below some bullet points of the required information.

• We plan to de-mobilise the compound area the 1st week in December. This is heavily dependent upon us having good weather to allow us to complete the project as planned.
• Workforce will arrive at the compound between 7.30-8am to sign in and collect required materials for days work. They will disperse the compound no later than 8am.
• Workforce can return to the compound to take their lunch break between 12-1pm in the site canteen.
• Workforce will return to the compound between 4.30-5pm to sign out and secure the compound area.
• Operating times are 7.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday (Not including bank holidays)
• Deliveries have been specified for between 9.30am – 3pm
• An out of hours contact number will be displayed on the site hoarding for any issues that arise once the site is closed.