A number of residents have been in touch as a result of the extensive tree works being done on Long Causeway to ask when the replanting will be done. I have set out below the update I have received.

“Dear Councillor Anderson

As previously advised, the replanting has been  conditioned to commence” in the next available planting season after felling”.  For the trees already removed, this would be from Nov 2014 to March 2015.
For agreed felling  and pruning still to be undertaken, the applicant has up to 2 years to undertake the works, with replanting to commence” in the next available planting season after felling”

In regard to the works being considered excessive, I think that the collapsed, heavily decayed  tree blocking Long causeway, the JCA decay detection reports, tree officer corroboration, supported by a Highway tree officer inspection  and the extensive decay currently visible on the felled trees would be evidence that the works were necessary and not excessive. Had the trees been in a healthy condition they would have been retained as was the case in the first application to fell 65 trees.”