i have been sent the information below which all residents will be receiving in due course.

“Dear Councillor

You will be aware that as part of the 2015/16 budget considerations, we are proposing to issue all Leeds residents with a new ‘Leeds Resident Permit’ in their 2015/16 council tax billing pack.

The new permit scheme if formally approved would “Go live” from 1 April 2015. 

All the other local authorities that share a border with Leeds have previously introduced similar schemes to limit the use of their household waste sites to their residents only. There is no longer any mutual benefit for Leeds residents as they cannot use sites outside the Leeds boundary and we have therefore become a net importer of waste incurring associated costs. In view of this we are seeking the decision through the 2015/16 budget consultation and approval process to proactively exclude non-Leeds residents from using our household waste sites.

While the introduction of these new permits will ultimately prevent residents from other authorities accessing our sites, we remain open to opportunities for specific, mutually beneficial cross border arrangements should these provide greater convenience to residents, improve the environmental impact of transporting waste and be cost effective. Any such proposals will be assessed based on their individual merits.

To assist with identifying Leeds residents, a car sticker will be provided and, when displayed, will initially provide evidence of a resident’s eligibility to use any of the City’s eight household waste sites.
Importantly, our teams at the Household Waste Sites will adopt a sensible approach and act with discretion once the permits go live as regards residents who may not be displaying theirs as required. Residents will still be able to access the sites with production of a document which identifies their residency. (for example a council tax or utility bill)

For clarity, the Leeds Resident Permit Scheme is to ensure the availability and use of the sites by Leeds residents. There is no application process and no restriction on the number of visits. 
Please do also note, however, that the very successful and separate resident commercial vehicle permit scheme which we implemented in August 2013 will continue to run alongside this new scheme.

We are developing a detailed communication plan to ensure all residents are aware of these changes and we will continue to keep you updated.”