I was recently asked why only certain bus shelters in Leeds contained the Real Time Information (RTi) system in them. The response I received is that Metro undertook a scheme to install Real Time units across the five districts of West Yorkshire at busy bus shelter locations. Principally these were identified in city/town centres and at a number of hubs or traffic generators e.g. outside hospitals. During the programme over 900 units were installed, resulting in a third of the shelter stock at that time, incorporating a RTI unit. 

Since then there has been no further scheme and RTI units are installed at locations where Metro has received external funding e.g. from housing developers as a result of planning applications being approved etc. In addition, a number of RTI units are removed from bus shelters on bus routes that are no longer in use or when frequency on the bus route is substantially reduced. Where units become available they will be placed in the most appropriate locations.