As you may be aware there was a public consultation in respect of education provision in Adel undertaken by Leeds Education Capacity Planning online in the summer/autumn. I have been chasing up the results of that consultation and have finally received the information below.

“We have recently summarised the comments that were posted on the online blog (wordpress). For your information, a summary of the comments made by the community are summarised below:

  •  41 comments in total were generated between the 25th of July and 3rd of November 2014. This number does not include comments which may not have been authorised.
  • 4 of the comments were issued by Capacity Planning Officers in reply to the forum users.
  • Building a new school on an available site proved to be the most popular option. This was followed by the expansion of both existing Primary School sites (although this suggestion was objected to in part by 4 people).
  • The proposal to convert Ralph Thoresby was unpopular, receiving more objections than expressions of support.

 Table 1.0: Summary of Support for Solutions Identified


Options identified at Stakeholder Event



Number of Comments in support of this Option

Expand Adel Primary School from 1 forms of entry to 1.5 forms of entry (30 to 45 places in reception)


Expand Adel St John The Baptist C of E Primary School from 1 forms of entry to 1.5 forms of entry (30 to 45 places in reception)


Create a through school at Ralph Thorseby High offering primary and secondary school provision by changing the age range of the school from 11-18 to 4-18, utilising the land on which the former school was located.


Change the admissions policy of Adel St John’s C of E Primary School so only children nearest to this school get priority. The governing body of the school sets its own admissions policy.


Build a new primary school using council or privately owned sites


  •  Although some forum users responded directly to the suggestions identified, a significant portion of those who interacted with the WordPress site expressed concerns that they had as Adel residents more broadly. The emerging themes of discontent are outlined below.

 Table 2.0: Recurring Themes in User Comments


Theme of Comment*     




Total Number of Comments Posted that Reflect this Sentiment

Local children should be able to walk to their nearest Primary School in Adel


A new school should be commissioned on a local site


Adel has been burdened with the overdevelopment of new housing, which is in part the fault of LCC


LCC and its partners have not communicated effectively with each other or the residents of Adel when delivering local services


Objection to the conversion of Ralph Thoresby in to a through-school


Objection to the expansion of Adel St John


Pressure on local infrastructure (including traffic congestion) is a significant problem for residents



 *Please note that these are not direct quotes from Forum Users and represent an overview of sentiments expressed only.

Following a meeting between colleagues in Children’s Services, below is an update/actions that were discussed.

  •  Firstly we have reviewed the demographics for the area based on latest health authority data and below shows the current situation for children aged under 5 years old living nearest to these two schools and the year they are due to start school:

o   Sept 2015: 35

o   Sept 2016: 31

o   Sept 2017: 38

o   Sept 2018: 37

  •  In addition to this, as of September 2014 both Adel schools filled to their admission number of 30 in reception with Adel Primary having 34 first preferences and Adel St John CE having 26 first preferences. Both schools take children from the Adel and Cookridge areas.
  • Housing developments in the area currently under construction will add to these demographics and we estimate that an additional 0.5 forms of entry (15 reception class places) will be required once these are all complete.


o   To investigate whether land near to Adel St John CE could be used or is suitable as part of an expansion of that school

o   To investigate whether any expansion of Adel St Johns CE would create highways issues that can’t be mitigated

o   A review of the site of Adel Primary School to determine whether there is scope to expand – initial views at stakeholder event were that this would be a very difficult but this needs further analysis to confirm

o   Investigate site identified near to Lawnswood Arms pub as potential school site.

We will be working with colleagues from Built Environments and Highways to follow up the actions above to determine what scheme we can take forward. We would be looking to update you early Spring with the next steps.

I trust this keeps you up to date with this matter. When I receive any further information I will let you know.