I have been approached by a local resident to ask when the Builder’s compound will be removed from this site as the site is now all but complete. I took this up with the Planning Enforcement team and set out below is the response I received:

“Having visited the site just before Christmas, I found that works were still in progress at a very slow pace. I will visit the site the next time I am out. If the works are complete then the builder’s depot should be removed.

I will continue to press the matter with the Enforcement team at regular intervals if no substantial progress is being made.

The latest update on the pathway is as follows:

“The developer was advised that the footpath from the Centurion Fields site to Otley Road in the bottom left hand corner is welcomed because it is the preferred desire line for pedestrians, however the developer has stated that this footpath will have a gradient of 1:10 or steeper which is not acceptable to adopt.  Therefore, the original route still needs to be implemented (although we would like the developer to keep the preferred desire line route and this would remain privately owned).

Having advised the developer of the above we are still awaiting a response.”

As soon as I receive any further information I will provide an update.