I have received confirmation that as a result of the pressure I have put on Highways they have agreed to fund the following Highways work:

Farrar Lane – Structural Maintenance Treatment Process

The length of Farrar Lane from A660 Otley Road to Raynel Drive. Work to be done in each section is:

  • A660 Otley Road to Broomfield – Kerb, Carriageway and Footway work
  • Broomfield to Raynel Drive – Carriageway work


Types of Treatment

There are two main categories of work with many treatments in each:

1. Structural Maintenance is more extensive work carried out on roads and footways in the worst condition. This is the most expensive and disruptive type of maintenance that involves taking up and relaying surfaces to varying depths depending on the severity of deterioration.

Treatments include – Reconstruction, resurfacing, overlay, recycling.

2. Preventative Maintenance is just as important for managing the road condition. It is carried out on roads and footways that are beginning to deteriorate or have minor defects. These treatments prolong the life of roads and footways, restore skid resistance, aid waterproofing and arrest their progression to needing structural maintenance.

Treatments include – Surface dressing, micro-asphalt, footway surface treatments.

Reconstruction – This is the most expensive type of treatment and usually involves replacing the surface course, binder course and base with new materials.

Resurface – The existing surface is removed and the surface course is replaced. This can also include the binder course.

Overlay – The new surface course is simply laid over the top of existing surface, but this treatment is dependent upon the ability to raise the edges of the road.

Recycling – The road is broken up and new bitumen is added, these are then mixed together and the material can be reshaped and rolled to create a solid structural layer. The surface is then sealed with a surface dressing. It is also known as ‘Retread’ – Shallow In-Situ Recycling because it only goes down 75mm (3″) and ‘in-situ’ because the material is recycled on site.

Refurbishment Typically this includes all elements (kerb, footway and carriageway) being treated to varying degrees. The kerbs may require isolated repairs or the full length will either be relayed or replaced with new kerbs. The footway and carriageway will either be covered with new material or the existing surface will be removed and replaced (as described above).

There will be other areas getting investment and when I have further details I will provide an update.