Welcoming Protection for Adel Trees

I welcome the news that a Tree Preservation Order TPO) on Otley Road, initially introduced on a provisional six-month basis, has been made permanent. The trees at Adel Willows will now be subject to protection of the TPO, which means that it is an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy a tree without the Council’s permission.

Following concerns raised by local residents, trees in private gardens will be exempt from the order, so people can maintain their gardens as they see fit. The protected trees complement a wider TPO covering Otley Road.

I am pleased that the provisional TPO has been made permanent. This is a vital line of trees within the Adel neighbourhood and on the edge of the conservation area. It is historic in nature and is extremely important to the landscape. It is also necessary to protect this area from any future development plans as the trees abut a site that the Council has placed in the Site Allocations document for development. This TPO proves what an asset these trees are.